This Garden Is Haunted

by The Dead Hands

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First full-length album by german Psychedelic Underground Folk Rock twosome The Dead Hands.

The album was released in three versions.

1. Vinyl Art Edition:
Limited to 100 pieces, each one with a unique cover, painted directly onto the canvas by artist Markus Rabe. The covers were then presented side by side in a 3x3 m wall as a complete artwork on several release shows in Germany and Switzerland. The artwork started to fall apart on the first evening of its exhibition when people began picking and buying their favorites off the wall.
This edition is only available when contacting the band or visiting their live shows and contains the extra track "Fell In Love With A Ghost" that's not on the CD edition.

2. Working Mans Vinyl Edition:
Limited to 175 pieces. Each cover handprinted with linoprint by Daniel Shandog. Distributed by Broken Silence and also containing the extra track "Fell In Love With A Ghost".

3. CD Edition:
Different cover. Without "Fell In Love With A Ghost" but with three tracks also available on "First Recordings" Promo-CD.


released July 20, 2012

Ralph On Fyre: Vox, Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Organ, Harmonium
Daniel Shandog: Vox, Guitar, Drums, Percussion

All songs by the Dead Hands

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ringo Royal on Half-Inch-Analog-Tape



all rights reserved


The Dead Hands Germany

Former visionary heads of the Stereo Satanics (German Vintage Punk Rock) turned to the Dead Hands after the split of the Satanics in 2010 to follow their uniquely musical vision on new paths.

The music is quiet, heartfelt, stormy, dark, sometimes beautiful und sometimes nasty. Rough soundscapes meet melodies sweet as kisses from the gone, baleful melancholy, silence, frenzy and noise.
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Track Name: Several Sins
All in the name of Jesus
All in the name of the son
She bites my lips
Till the morning comes
And there’s a fire in her eyes
I felt the heat
There were no words
Softly spoken
But heart’s got broken

Here I stand
And what we talk about
Are several sins

The riddeling words talk to each other
One eye in the shadow
And one in the sun
Like a child not charmless
But evil inside
Honey, you are the one
The riddeling words
Talk to each other
About several sins
Track Name: Rome Will Fall
With open eyes
I raised my head
All tears and blood
All that was shed

A volery
The bird was dead
What had survived
Had madly fled

Not one stone
Not one bone
Not a wall
Not a home

My Rome will fall
Track Name: On The Road To God Knows Where
We’re on the road to God knows where
and I hope that you are there
Track Name: The Plague
The Plague is here to stay away
The plague is on its way away
The plague is here to save our hearts, my dear
Track Name: Interlude 1
Another cigarette and another glas of wine
That’s my guiding light
We sing the high notes in the choir of the damned
Track Name: Bring Out The Dead
See that pile
All dead dogs – gone for a while
Should be burnt but there’s no wood
So no-one can set a fire

Oh hi hello – where have you been?
I don’t know how to say … it’s just what you’ve seen
Oh hi hello – since you’ve been gone
I don’t know what we did … but it went wrong

See that flames, burnin’ vanes
Well, I don’t understand
Where is it from or … is it us
that wastes this land
Track Name: Fell In Love With A Ghost
Over the river
Over the sea
Down the valley
Oh, look at me
I was searchin’ for glory
But she didn’t find me

There’s always somethin’ in the shadow
That grabs at me
And there’s always a light
That follows me
There’s something between dream and reality
That’s warm and guides me
Fell in love with a ghost
Track Name: Better Start To Swim
Mary saw Jesus dancin on water
Ignoring the physics
Her thoughts stumblin’ around
The things to come
She knows how the story ends

(She says) You better start to swim
Track Name: The Rain Has Come
The rain has come
The hangman’s gone
Well done

The rain arrived
Saved my life
I’m unhung
Track Name: Crowned
Don’t say my name
Don’t speak it out
Some things are unspeakable
So, don’t speak ‘em out

I had a dream last night
I dreamt that I walked down in the fields
And the colours were gold
Yeah, the colours are gold

I’m searching for a place
Where I’ve been crowned

I had a dream last night
I dreamt that I met Vincent Van Gogh
And I cut his ear off
Don’t say my name